Our projects

To maintain and accomplish the mission of serving the poor and needy in Artibonite and Hinche, Haiti; CEDIEU DANIEL & FERNANDE DELACRUZ COMPASSIONATE CENTER INC has undertaken the following activities.

1. Student Sponsorship

1. CDFDCI seeks to ease the financial burden of students by providing yearly sponsorship to students enrolled in the CDFDCI school sponsorship program. Monetary funds collected will be used to pay for tuition, meals and school sup-plies; for students enrolled in the Hinche and Artibonite CDFDCI schools (and any future schools added to CDFDCI).

2. Women’s small business ventures

CEDIEU DANIEL & FERNANDE DELACRUZ COMPASSIONATE CENTER INC offers select women of the Artibonite and Hinche community financial assistance to become local merchants. Through this venture these women can create sustainable sources of income of their choosing.

3. Community bakery

To create sustainable income and a supply of food for the region, CDFDCI funds the operations of a local bakery in Artibonite, Haiti. The bakery is staffed by local volunteers who sell the bread for a profit to provide for themselves and their families.

4. Marriage Ceremonies

To provide wedding dresses and suits as well as perform the wedding ceremonies for couples who would like to get married however do not have the means to do so.

5. Future Endeavors

CEDIEU DANIEL & FERNANDE DELACRUZ COMPASSIONATE CENTER INC’s vision is to create a community center in Artibonite and Hinche where the following can be housed.
a. Medical clinic
b. Library
c. Vocational School