As we enter the new year, many of us start off by making New Year’s resolutions such as exercising, eating right and making better decisions however for those involved in the CDFDCI Annual Humanitarian Trip of the North Shore Evangelical Missionary Church it is not about making a New Year’s resolution however continuing a vision that started over twenty years ago. As winter continues to make its entrance with snowplows cleaning the streets and the drop-in temperatures, let us travel to warmer weather, 1, 619 miles south of Massachusetts to be exact, to the Island of Haiti. It is here that the real work begins.

What is CDFDCI?

CDFDCI is a non-profit organization birthed out of the North Shore Church. It is designed to assist children and families in Haiti particularly in the Artibonite and Hinche regions by means of providing food, clothing, child sponsorship programs, school sponsorship programs, education workshops, mobile clinics and other areas such as providing wedding dresses, shoes and suits as well performing wedding ceremonies for those who cannot afford to do so. All these are solely provided by donations and the CDFDCI Teams own money.

CDFDCI stands for Cedieu Daniel & Fernade De La Cruz Compassionate Center Incorporated. Cedieu Daniel was a Pastor in Saint Marc Haiti. He served in many capacities in his church and his community however he was most known for his services to the poor and needy in the area of Artibonite Haiti. Fernande De La Cruz was a young Deaconess woman who lived in Hinche, Haiti and had a heart to serve in every area that she can to help support her neighborhood. Cedieu Daniel’s Son, Rev. Paul Daniel and Fernande’s De La Cruz’s Daughter, Rev. Myreille Daniel decided to merge the names in establishing the organization CDFDCI to continue the efforts their parents started in helping those in need.

Haiti Trip 2017

The team takes one to two trips to Haiti yearly to assist those in desperate situations. This year, the trip started off to a rocky start with an arrival date set for January 4, 2017. However due to some weather conditions the team was delayed a day in Florida having them arrive January 5, 2017. However, this did not discourage the team from going to do what they love best, and that is to help those who cannot help themselves. For the first three days, the staff and crew of the CDFDCI organization took this time to double check supplies and prepare for their first target area. It was also during this time the team did clothes distribution for people coming from the south of Haiti who were affected by Hurricane Mathew. There were 250 people that were given clothes throughout the three days.

On Sunday January 8, 2016, the team woke up and was ready to leave by five o’clock in the morning to journey on a two-hour drive to the first school in Hinche, located in Pleateau Central named “Ecole Mixte Communautaire Evangelique Chretienne de Couette Sully.” Arriving in Hinche, the conditions of the school are not kept and are very unsanitary. The children sit on the ground for class and still do not have a chalkboard. Nonetheless, the team was able to secure benches this year, along with cleaning supplies for sanitation and paint to give the school a new look. The team also served 300 students and kids in the community by distributing clothes, school supplies, toys, covering tuition costs for some of the students, and providing a warm lunch for them. During one of our past trips, we encountered an eight-year-old boy who stated that he never had a drumstick in his whole life and that he was truly thankful for it unfortunately he is not the last to say so. It is for this reason the CDFDCI Team sees it as a necessity to not only provide the students with tuition, clothes and schools supplies, but to also feed the children as many go days without eating a decent meal.

After the distribution in Hinche, the team divided itself by dropping off a member in Artibonite to begin to prepare and buy food to feed the children on Friday in that area while the other half of the team went back to Port au Prince for three days. During those three days (Monday –Wednesday) the team provided food and gave clothes to 70 people for wedding preparations for the following Saturday.

On Thursday morning, the team was joined by Everett’s own State Representative Joe McGonagle. Representative McGonagle is a friend to the Daniel Family and was invited to come and assist on the trip. Without reluctance, Representative McGonagle was more than willing to offer his assistance in any area to the children in need.

After going over the itinerary Representative McGonagle and the team awaited their second trip which would take place on Friday January 13, 2017. Friday morning the team once again got off to an early start to head on another two-hour ride to another school located in the village of Canneau which is located in the eastern part of Artibonite. It was there the team and Representative McGonagle fed and distributed toys and school supplies to 70 school age children.

After stopping at Canneau, the Team and Representative McGonagle traveled west to Preval which is in the western part of Artibonite and distributed toys, school supplies and fed approximately 250 children. Teachers were also given clothes as they too were in need of basic necessities. The team also distributed wedding rings to couples in the area that previously signed up to have a wedding ceremony. However due to the lack of wedding dresses and suit donations, the team was unable to provide a wedding ceremony for the village of Canneau.

After the team and Representative McGonagle left Canneau they traveled about two miles to meet at the CDFDCI Bakery (the Boulangerie) to prepare and distribute food for 300 people. When the team and Representative McGonagle finished distributing food, they headed back to Port Au Prince to distribute wedding rings for the wedding ceremonies that will be taking place the following day Saturday January 14.2017.

The Boulangerie (Bakery)

On Saturday January 14, 2017, the team once again had an early start by doing some last-minute preparations for the 15 couples that were getting married that day in Port au Prince. The wedding in Port au Prince was a success however, the challenge was now feeding 700 people for the reception. Nonetheless everyone was fed and the couples not only enjoyed themselves but were beyond grateful and thankful that we could assist them in this capacity.

On Sunday morning, January 15, 2017 the team went to church and Rev. Paul Daniel Sr was the speaker. After the service the team distributed toys to the children in the church as well as the “Brigardier” the church’s youth scout team.

The following night Rev. Myreille Daniel gave an educational workshop to the women on “How to take what you have and use it” as well as educating the women on sanitation.

Rev. Myreille asked 200 hundred women to form one team. Rev. Myreille then gave them four thousand dollars in Haitian money. The women were asked to work together in forming a market to sell food. They were asked to use the money that was made to provide food and medicine for one another as they go days without food or medicine. After the workshop the team fed 300 women.

On Sunday night, the team began to prepare to return to the United States on Tuesday January 17, 2017. Representative McGonagle returned Sunday morning as he had a prior commitment to attend the Martin Luther King Breakfast on Monday morning however he was very humbled, deeply moved and honored by the experience and has committed to helping the organization in reaching the kids and families in need.

After experiencing this trip to Haiti the team as well as Representative McGonagle are reaching out to you for your assistance by helping us or becoming part of the team. With your help we can do more! There is a Haitian proverb that says, “Anpil men chay pa lou!” which means: “With many hands the burden is not heavy.”

Will you help us by lifting this burden? It’s crucial but with your support we can make it.

Future Projects:

CDFDCI would like to build a vocational school for those that finish their elementary and High School. Although CDFDCI services kids by sponsoring their schooling, and distributing food and supplies after they graduate they do not have a place to go to get hands on training on what they would like to become in life. That is why we are wanting to implement this school so that they too will have a chance at life.

CDFDCI would like to renovate the existing bakery and have it up and running to provide food and bread year round for those in the Artibonite region.

CDFDCI would like to establish a permanent clinic to serve the people of the Artibonite and Hinche region. By having a clinic, the children as well as adults can have access to medical care in which they currently do not.

CDFDCI would like to build a community library in which the people in the Artibonite and Hinche region have access to books and resources to help educate and inform them of the world around them.

Will you help us today?

To find out more information you may email us at:
Call us at 857-312-9287

Rev. Myreille speaking to the students

Representative McGonagle and the cooking staff

Rev. Paul taking names of the students